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Located in Son La province, 190 kilometers from Hanoi, Moc Chau Plateau Moc Chau, one of the biggest plateaus in the country, stretches some 80km long and 25km wide, and stands about 1,050m above sea level. As a result, its average temperature is a cool 16-26 degrees Celsius. The climate is ideal for resorts and eco-tourism.

At Tan Lap commune, far 16km from Moc Chau town, on the way to the cave, you will be surprised by plum forest, peach forest, white cauliflower fields on the way and in the valley. The destination is suitable for adventurers to explore primitive and pristine beauty of nature.

Passes through many flower beds. On the way take pictures with the S-shaped road on the tea hill and heart shape amidst the hill.

Five cave On village- Ngũ Động Bản Ôn- Caves Rated provincial heritage in 2008. As a beautiful landscape, with 5 cave system synonymous with the theory five elements: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn

Inside the cave there are many beautiful stalactites, impressive crystallized over thousands of year 


The cave is located in the pristine forests of the cool and fresh climate, must go along the small paths.


If you want to explore all the caves, it takes about a day for you to take many times to climb and move on the path through the forest which is steep and narrow. However, you need good physical fitness, and have a little experience traveling by road in the caves hardly moving, just matching types of tourism trekking.