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Moc Chau is the tea plantations, hilly valleys, ethnic villages, flowering trees.

Moc Chau is a district of Son La province and its capital of the same name. It is a large mountainous and hilly region. It lies about 200 km from Hanoi to the west and an altitude is 1050 m. It’s a very good stop between Son La city and Mai Chau city. If you come here, I recommend in this beautiful area of the tea plantations and the flowering fruit trees and the flowers to stay a while.


You will see the breathtaking scenery of the large valley in the north.

The area is inhabited by the people of different ethnic minorities. A lot of Thai and Hmong people live here but also another minorities are in this area – Dao, Kho Mu, La Ha Tay. The most beautiful places to visit are pine forest in the village of Ang, Dai Yem waterfall, Pa Phach village or Doi cave and Tan Lap Tea Hill. And, of course, green tea plantations and beautiful hills around the city. There are also several farms with the cattle and flower fields. Moc Chau is a significant producer of high-quality milk and tea.

The market of Love – watch the establish relationships of ethnic people.

In autumn, the Moc Chau also held „love market“, which lured into this region many young Hmong people to find gifts exchanged for centuries, confess the love and promise, that they would see even in the following year. A few months before the market love, girls aged 15 to 17 years preparing their colorful and beautiful costumes and boys are playing on blown musical instrument Khen and they are dancing. This instrument is created from seven or eight pairs of bamboo tubes. Recently, however, there has been a drop in the number of boys who can do this thing.


Do you want to see flowering trees and shrubs in perfect contrast? Come spring.

At the autumn and spring is in Moc Chau a tea time and the plum and peach trees are blooming. For example, the plum trees are blooming in early February. Be careful before visiting the fields where these trees are. Due to the inappropriate behavior of some travelers you need to pay entrance fee in some areas. Moc Chau has a temperate climate. The average temperature in the summer is 20 °C, where it looks, the area was painted by green colour. Spring is warm and it is best to visit. A little bit cold is in the autumn.

Festivals of Hmong and Thai people in Moc Chau.

In Independence Day, September 2 it is happening a large festival of Thai people, where you can see many interesting customs and traditions, or you can buy something. People from ethnic groups meet here in order to establish relations and finding a partner. The whole city shines with bright colors and everywhere the music plays.
Another important festival in Moc Chau is Het Cha festival. Het Cha takes place from 23 to 26 March, every year. It is mainly aimed to celebrate of the new crop and food production in this fertile region. You can meet the residents of the ethnic groups of Hmong and Thai in the city. You can also go to the Laos, the border is about 40 km from the Moc Chau town.



How to get to Moc Chau:

You can take a bus from Hanoi to Mai Chau and Moc Chau – My Dinh and Ha Dong bus stations in Hanoi. You can reach Moc Chau with a local buses from the town of Son La and Ninh Binh. There is no train connection in Moc Chau town.
  Weather in Moc Chau:

You can see hundreds of flowering fruit trees and shrubs in the months of February-March-May. It is the ideal time to visit this area. The weather in Moc Chau can be a little bit cool in December and January.

  Places of interest in Moc Chau:

• tea plantations, hills and pine forests
• ethnic villages in this area
• Pa Phach and Ang villages (Thai and Hmong people live here)
• Doi Cave
• Tan Lap Tea Hill
• Love market
• Dai Yem waterfall
• flower gardens
• Pha Luong mountain
• Festival of Thai residents (September 2)