A special gift to buy when travelling Hanoi

Ô mai” (Salted or sugared dry fruits) has always been recognized as a famous Vietnamese snack. It is favored by a lot of Vietnamese people, especially women. It is a perfect combination of the sour taste of apricot, the saltiness of sour, the spicy of ginger and the natural sweetness of liquorices. “Ô mai” is always used during Tết Holiday (aka Lunar New Year) and is a favorite gift for Vietabroaders. “Ô mai” has a lot of flavors to serve your preference.

Maybe, no where in the world can find the special nosh more delicious than in Capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam with “O mai”. For the past years, “o mai”, salted or sugared dry fruits, was a favorite not particularly with Hanoian. Time is passing through and this speciality is now becoming a popular snack and an expected gift for all Vietnamese people, Vietnamese oversea also.

Where to buy Salted or sugared dry fruits in Hanoi

The oldest and most famous type of “Ô mai” ever known may be apricots, following dracontomelum, star, tamarind, kumquat, pineaple, canari, lemon, mango. As increasing demand and different taste of customer, o mai makers are now adding more fruits from all regions to adapt from traditional recipe. The variation of flavor of O mai from sour, hot, salted, to sweet has enchanted many visitors to Hanoi.

In the past, on the occasion of visiting Hanoi, visitors always buy boxes of salted or sugared dry fruits on Hang Duong Street as gifts. Today, Hang Duong Street is much different, just a few houses keep the traditional job but when it comes to Hang Duong Street, people think about salted or sugared dry fruits that make up a distinct beauty for Hanoi.

Ô mai is a delicious affordable gift for your friends each time you came to Hanoi. And if you do not have enough time to find all kind of Ô mai, we can help you to book at here