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Ha Noi is blown a new line of wind in each flower season day by day. Each one with its unique flower species embellishes graceful features for the capital.
Every visitor to Hanoi in any day will meet a very popular image –different flower species are hanged on a wide basket on the old bicycle rambling about all corners of Ha Noi.

In the first corner of Yen Phu street, there are a lot of blossom bicycle gathering. Behind each flower baskets this summer season are usually white lotus buds, pink cluster of birds.

It is said that season comes on the petal of flowers. By simply looking at the flowers color on these bicycles on the street, you can also know which season is coming in Hanoi.

In winter, Ha Noi is more beautiful and pure in the features of baby white daisies.

Being along with lotus, rose, daisy… Ha Noi streets are also deep of color with delphiniums.

The sounds *clack…clack…clack…* of bicycles, the voice and smiles of traders make the street more lively and jubilant.